WEST GLACIER, Mont.—Summer has brought several close encounters between humans and bears in the Rocky Mountains. Some have turned out better than others.

    In Montana, a Forest Service employee mountain biking on a trail near the west entrance to Glacier National Park collided with a bear at a high rate of speed. Investigators, according to the Hungry Horse News, said they believe the victim had no time to react or avoid the collision. He was mauled to death. It’s not clear whether it was a grizzly or a black bear.

    In Alberta, a surprise encounter turned out better for both a grizzly bear and hikers. Two hikers in Banff National Park came across the grizzly at fairly close range. As they backed away down the trail, picking up other hikers in their retreat, the grizzly followed, coming to within 10 to 15 yards before they set off a bear-banger, a flare with a loud bang. With that, the bear retreated.

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