Matt Letourneau creating library for Men’s Second Chance Living

Matt Letourneau will be purchasing library materials and electronic readers for the men’s sober house in Hailey.

Matt Letourneau, a Sun Valley native and junior at St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire, was awarded the annual $2,500 Kiril Sokoloff Prize for Compassion and Kindness—money he’s paying forward to help the Men’s Second Chance Living in Hailey.

This spring Letourneau will use the funds to purchase laptops, Kindle readers, Kindle subscriptions, bookshelves, and many “good old-fashioned books” for the sober house, according to a press release. The library materials will be used as part of his Mind Muscle Library project, designed to provide residents at Men’s Second Chance Living (MSCL) with inspiring and educational reading materials.

The MSCL House serves men in early recovery from substance use. The nonprofit opened in 2018 with a mission to help men living with addiction succeed in their recovery. It operates on a budget of approximately $200,000 per year and, with eight beds, has served more than 45 men, providing nearly 7,000 sober nights to its residents.

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