Kristin Hartness relaxes on Friday on the banks of the Big Wood River in Hailey with Ziggy, a 220-pound pet pig who has lived for the last three years on the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Hartness—who is traveling through the region—was told by a breeder in Florida that Ziggy was a “mini teacup pig” and would only reach a few pounds. Last week, Ziggy could be seen walking in Hailey and sitting outside at KB’s Burritos. “He’s perfect,” Hartness said. “He really is. He understands sentences. It’s like talking to a kid. He’s my beautiful, adorable precious little pumpkin.” Idaho Mountain Express photographer Roland Lane said Ziggy is “as sweet as a Labradoodle. He does not like dogs because they try to attack him. He is a house pig and sleeps inside.” According to Hartness, Ziggy is fully house trained and eats two meals a day.

Express photo by Roland Lane

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