21-01-22 Snapshots 1 Thomas.jpg

“Stability, honesty, national unity and strong leadership.”

Cruger Thomas, Ketchum

21-01-22 Snapshots 2 Williams.jpg

“Hit the ground running towards the control of this pandemic and get help to needy people who have lost their jobs or homes.”

Danny Williams, Sun Valley

21-01-22 Snapshots 3  Hanson.jpg

“I have hope and a feeling of peace. I like the future for my niece and goddaughter.”

Monica Hanson, Ketchum

21-01-22 Snapshots 4 Shaffer P.jpg

“Fewer flag decals and free hugs.”

Paula Shaffer, Ketchum

21-01-22 Snapshots 5 Shaffer B.jpg

“Contradicting opinions being cool and classy.”

Bonni Shaffer, Missoula, Mont.

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