21-05-07 snapshots 1 Swindley.jpg

“Whatever she tells me to do. It’s her day.”

Cuyler Swindley, Hailey

21-05-07 snapshots 2 DeShazo.jpg

“I’m cooking brunch for my mother and family.”

Amanda DeShazo, Bellevue

21-05-07 snapshots 3 Olson.jpg

“With my wonderful kids and husband. We’re going four-wheeling

with a picnic.”

Tanya Olson, Hailey

21-05-07 snapshots 4.jpg

“I’m cooking brunch for my 95-year-old mom, plus other family and friends.”

Brent Barsotti, Hailey

21-05-07 snapshots 5 McCoy.jpg

“My mom has passed away, but my thoughts and memories are

with her.”

Steve McCoy, Hailey

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