21-03-19 Snapshots 1 Fishman.jpg

“Visiting my grandson here in Sun Valley from San Diego.”

Kim Fishman, Del Mar, Calif.

21-03-19 Snapshots 2 Westman.jpg

“Skate skiing up north on the Harriman Trail. It’s beauty at its best.”

Debbie Westman, Hailey

21-03-19 Snapshots 3 Oestreich.jpg

“My husband and I sold our house in Hailey and bought a boat—a 49’ trawler. We have been boating from California to Mexico.”

Andrea Oestreich, Oxnard, Calif.

21-03-19 Snapshots 4 Veytia.jpg

“We spent the winter in Biarritz, France, seaside city in Basque country known for lovely culture and culinary delights.”

Taryn Veytia, Ketchum

21-03-19 Snapshots 5 Tho.jpg

“It’s one year since the start of the pandemic. Yea, we survived!”

Grace Tho, Newport Beach, Calif.

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