21-04-23 Snapshots 1 Dondero.jpg

“A vegan cleanse to reduce my carbon footprint.”

Cindy Dondero, Ketchum

21-04-23 Snapshots 2 Cherry.jpg

“We’re conserving virtually everything possible, especially water.”

Adrienne Cherry, Ketchum

21-04-23 Snapshots 3 Acker.jpg

“I’m going to pick up dog poop and trash.”

Sue Acker, Ketchum

21-04-23 Snapshots 4 Curtiss.jpg

“Recycling my cardboard, rollerblading and riding the bus.”

Katie Curtiss, Sun Valley

21-04-23 Snapshots 5 Jones.jpg

“I’m going to clean out my flower beds and plant my peas.”

Megan Jones, Hailey

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