21-02-19 Snapshot 1 Piirainen

“Drop money on purpose so that little kids can find it. It’s always fun to find money.”

Amber Piirainen, Bellevue

21-02-19 Snapshot 2 Oliver

“I am a ski instructor, but I often help people get down the mountain on my own time. Nice comes back to you.”

Mary Oliver, Bellevue

21-02-19 Snapshot 3 Schoening

“Paying for someone’s coffee in line behind me.”

Christine Schoening, Seattle, Wash.

21-02-19 Snapshot 4 Lammers

“I’m going to pay for the week’s dinners for our group of nine friends. I’m skiing for free, so I’m giving back.”

Bryan Lammers, Seattle, Wash.

21-02-19 Snapshot 5 Gillespie

“Give more kindness. You can never give enough.”

Val Gillespie, Warm Springs

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