Do you believe in the vaccine? And, are you going to get it?


21-01-29 Snapshots 1 Malarkey W.jpg

“I’ve had COVID twice already, so I think that I’ll let things play out and not get vaccinated.”

Peter S. Malarkey, Ketchum

21-01-29 Snapshots 2 Crawford W.jpg

“I am going to be vaccinated but I’m disappointed how slow the process is going.”

Terry Crawford, Ketchum

21-01-29 Snapshots 3 Carruth W.jpg

“I plan on getting vaccinated as soon as it’s available to me and I’m looking forward to it.”

Kate Carruth, Los Angeles, Calif.

21-01-29 Snapshots 4 Andersen W.jpg

“I have my appointment already and I’m looking forward to being vaccinated.”

Dick Andersen, Sun Valley

21-01-29 Snapshots 5 Carrillo W.jpg

“My schooling was interrupted due to the virus. So, I’m in favor of the vaccination and I’m anxious to get back.”

Tania Carrillo, Carey

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