21-05-21 Snapshots 1 Boone.jpg

“Hopefully we’ll be on our boat, cruising north to Alaska.”

Cindy Boone, Hailey

21-05-21 Snapshots 2 Persohn.jpg

“I’m going to Pettit Lake. The calm before the storm when summer starts.”

Caroline Persohn, Ketchum

21-05-21 Snapshots 3 LaFleur.jpg

“I’m a Community School senior and we’re going on our Senior Quest trip to the Green River near Moab, Utah, on a stretch called Desolate Grey.”

Noelle LaFleur, Ketchum

21-05-21 Snapshots 4 Odom.jpg

“Getting out of town with two daughters and a son-in-law to visit my sister in Williamsburg, Va.”

Richard Odom, Sun Valley

21-05-21 Snapshots 5 Kilmartin.jpg

“I’m going with a bunch of friends to Gooding. In lieu of exotic travel, we’ve been going to small Idaho towns experiencing lifestyles, specifically diners.”

Riley Kilmartin, Hailey

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