Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl, and what are you going to cook for the game?


20-02-05 Chris Benson

"I'm kind of rooting for Tampa 'cause it's been a long time for them. I'm watching from home and we are having a normal Sunday night dinner."

Chris Benson, Hailey

Kelly Keane

“Rooting for a good game and since I’m watching it with an NFL agent, I’m cheering for players that he represents.”

Kelly Keane, Ketchum

Lauren Heberer

“Since I’m from Missouri, I’m rooting for Kansas City and I will be making toasted ravioli. I’ll make fresh pasta then bread and deep fry them.”

Lauren Heberer, Ketchum

Mia Lyon

"I'm watching the game and listening to the sounds of football and thinking of my dad. I'll make some good ol' football chili."

Mia Lyon, Ketchum

Tim Farley

"I'm watching and rooting for Brady and the Bucs. I think Brady is the best heart-warming story in the NFL this year. And, I'm ordering Wise Guy pizza."

Tim Farley, Ketchum


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