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What’s your favorite TV to watch—“The Voice,” “Game of Thrones,” Stanley Cup or N.B.A. playoffs?


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“‘The Voice.’ It’s all about the voice and I like the fact that the judges don’t even know what the contestants look like.”

Natasha Boles, Bellevue food server

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“The Stanley Cup, because my wife would rather watch ‘The Voice.’”

Shaun Mahoney, Bellevue restaurant owner

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“N.H.L. and Stanley Cup all week long. Hockey has been my favorite sport for my whole life.”

Bobby Sloper, Hailey beer and wine sales

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“‘GoT’—“Game of Thrones.” Jon Snow, duh.”

Charlotte Gourlay, Ketchum bartender

19-05-03 Snapshots 5 de Saint Phalle.jpg

“‘GoT’! Arya is my favorite character because she is badass.”

Karen de Saint Phalle, Sun Valley runner

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