21-01-15 Snapshots 5 Gundram.jpg

“Seahawks. Roll Russell out and let him throw to his great receivers, D.K. “Da King” Metcalf and Tyler Lockett.”

Robert Earl Gundram, Warm Springs*

21-01-15 Snapshots 1 Gandolfo.jpg

“It’s tough being a Lions fan, so I think the Chiefs will do well.”

Katelyn Gandolfo, Ketchum

21-01-15 Snapshots 2 Anderson.jpg

“I’m a die-hard Rams fan, but you can’t count Tampa Bay and Tom Brady out. You can’t have six Super Bowl rings and not know what you are doing.”

Fred Anderson, Bellevue

21-01-15 Snapshots 3 Rixon Sr.jpg

“Brady with the Bucs is a force to be reckoned with, along with the youth movement like Mahomes in K.C.”

Carl Rixon, Sr., Gooding

21-01-15 Snapshots 4 Waechter.jpg

“Seahawks, cause the head coach has a positive attitude and his players feed off of that energy. They play better during the playoffs.”

John Waechter, Ketchum*

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