21-06-11 Snapshots 1 Ellison.jpg

“Have some plans for your future—they will change, but still have a plan.”

Johnny Ellison, Ketchum

21-06-11 Snapshots 2 Sias.jpg

“Be open to possibilities. You don’t have to have your whole life planned out.”

Robin Sias, Sun Valley

21-06-11 Snapshots 3 Swindley.jpg

“Take your time and find your passion.”

Aly Swindley, Hailey

21-06-11 Snapshots 4 Sheue.jpg

“Leave the area and come back.”

Janel Sheue, Hailey

21-06-11 Snapshots 5 Kearney.jpg

“If possible, take a gap year and see the world. Then figure it out.”

John Kearney, Ketchum

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