Paul Potter

Dodgers. I’m a traditional National League fan and have rooted for the Dodgers since they played in Brooklyn, where my wife was from.

Paul Potters, Ketchum

Emory West

Atlanta Braves. I’m a huge fan since my grandpa’s days. Their defense is real good and their will-to-win is great!

Emory West, Bellevue

Jeff Burrell

Atlanta Braves. Thanks to TBS, I’ve always been a Braves fan growing up here. I think that they will do well ‘cause it’s team baseball and they all are playing well.

Jeff Burrell, Hailey

Caleb Wright

Boston Red Sox. We’ve already won by knocking the Yankees out.

Caleb Wright, Cold Springs

Sinjin Thomas

Boston Red Sox, ‘cause I have a good friend who is a great Red Sox fan and Eovaldi is a stud.

Sinjin Thomas, Ketchum

Express photos by Willy Cook

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