22-11-25 snapshots 1 Rizvi.jpg

“Stomping in the snow, getting it out of my snow boots and throwing snowballs.”

Violet Rizvi

Los Gatos, California

22-11-25 snapshots 2 Ward.jpg

“Snuggle up with a cozy blanket surrounded by my family.”

Kory Ward

South of Bellevue

22-11-25 snapshots 3 Houutchens.jpg

“Ski. Last year I skied 126 days—starting with opening day I skied 120 in a row. I was obsessed. Looking for more balance in my life this year. My favorite runs are with my dad, Mark.”

Kelly Houtchens


22-11-25 snapshots 4 Barba.jpg

“Taking my client’s dog out. It gets both of us outside and the interaction with the snow is wonderful.”

Susana Valdivia Barba


22-11-25 snapshots 5 Tormey.jpg

“Nordic skiing at Galena Lodge, along with lunch.”

John Tormey


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