Snapshots 1 Daniels

“A loaded baked potato soup with lots of bacon and sour cream. One trick is cutting the spud in small pieces and cooking it in the soup broth.”

Jessica Daniels


Snapshots 2 Veronica

“Crème brulee with pumpkin spice or my grandfather’s eggnog made with a bottle of ‘clear,’ Cloverleaf whole milk, eggs and real good vanilla.”

Yasmin Veronica


Snapshots 3 Bullock

“Last night, we had homemade cheddar and broccoli soup with hard rolls. Cook the broccoli in chicken stock until soft, mix in half and half and cheddar cheese, blending some and leaving some chunky, season to taste, and if you are lucky, your daughter and granddaughter will show up.”

Mike Bullock


Snapshots 4 Scott

“I like a pumpkin bisque soup made with crispy sage garnish prepared in brown butter. Sometimes, we get extra fancy and smoke the pumpkin. I use heavy cream, nutmeg and a little cinnamon. Great on fall nights.”

Alison Scott

Spokane, Wash.

Snapshots 5 Harder

“Lentil soup with a warm baguette of bread. My secret ingredients are sweet potatoes and wilted collard greens cooked in organic chicken stock.”

Heather Harder


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