23-02-10 snapshots 5 Halverson.jpg

“A fourth-down game-changing Hail-Mary touchdown thrown by the Chiefs.”

Annie Halverson, McCall

23-02-10 snapshots 4 Schlegel.jpg

“Rihanna’s half-time performance. I hope she plays ‘Umbrella.’”

Erika Schlegel, McCall

23-02-10 snapshots 3 Cutler.jpg

“The commercials and the gambling aspect of the game. I want my numbers to win on my board, and I definitely want to be around good company.”

Chelsea Cutler, Hailey

23-02-10 snapshots 2 Fields.jpg

“I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I’ll be watching the cheerleaders on both squads.”

Josh Fields, Hailey

23-02-10 snapshots 1 Campbell.jpg

“The game. I’m rooting for the Chiefs to win a good, close game.”

Laurie Campbell, Atlanta

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