22-12-16 snapshot 1 Curci.jpg

“Viewing the torchlight parade is my favorite tradition. I’ve gone every year since I was four years old.”

Channing Curci


22-12-16 snapshot 2 Hollister.jpg

“Decorating the Christmas tree, being at home with my family and playing board games. We also created our own tradition of dancing around our Swedish stew as it finishes cooking.”

Leisa Hollister


22-12-16 snapshot 3 Petterson.jpg

“Playing pond hockey with my family, especially on Christmas Day after opening presents.”

Heidi Peterson


22-12-16 snapshot 4 Chaffin.jpg

“I like to decorate the Christmas tree, wrap presents and watch the movie 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.'”

Oli Chaffin


22-12-16 snapshot 5 Chihuly.jpg

“My favorite holiday tradition is coming to Sun Valley with my husband and son to ski. Christmas to me equals mountains, snow and skiing.”

Leslie Chihuly


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