22-12-23 Snapshots 1 Conteras.jpg

“Being around family and friends, creating everlasting memories to look back on. I’m also excited to eat our traditional homemade tamales.”

Irma Conteras


22-12-23 Snapshots 2 McNichols.jpg

“Love, health, peace, joy and a huge pair of sparkling diamond earrings.”

Nicole McNichols

Sun Valley

22-12-23 Snapshots 3 Higley.jpg

“A new puppy. I’d like a golden retriever, please.”

Bronwen Higley

Los Angeles, Calif.

22-12-23 Snapshots 4 Davidson.jpg

“Skeeter wants a girlfriend, and I’d like some more snow.”

Nors Davidson and Skeeter


22-12-23 Snapshots 5 Reineck.jpg

“A white Christmas. How about 12 more inches of powder and a stocking full of dark chocolate?”

Sarah Reineck

Baltimore, Md.

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