21-12-24 Snapshots 1 Gittens.jpg

“Some yoga classes, happiness and longevity for the new year.”

Maddie Gittens, Hailey

21-12-24 Snapshots 2 Ballas.jpg

“My new baby crib arriving before my baby. It’s been back-ordered for months.”

Heather Ballas, Ketchum

21-12-24 Snapshots 3 Savaria.jpg

“An eight-week-old golden retriever puppy and a fat tab at Lefty’s.”

Dani Savaria, Hailey

21-12-24 Snapshots 4 Williamson.jpg

“Roller skates. I’ll use them on the boardwalk near where I live and on the way to school.”

Mackenzie Williamson, San Diego, Calif.

21-12-24 Snapshots 5 Fuller.jpg

“Santa came early and I got what I wanted: My children are here in Sun Valley.”

Walter Fuller, San Francisco, Calif.

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