21-11-19 Snapshots 1 Tindall.jpg

“My mom’s sweet potato casserole. I basically make it for myself, ‘cause nobody else will eat it. It’s super sweet—an ‘ol Minnesota recipe.”

Melissa Tindall, Ketchum

21-11-19 Snapshots 2 Dembergh.jpg

“My cranberry sauce. My friend asked me to make it. It has maple syrup and fresh Cape Cod cranberries.”

Barbara Dembergh, Ketchum

21-11-19 Snapshots 3 Flower.jpg

“I’m making a pear-almond tart. I use perfectly ripe pears and lots of almond paste.”

Marybeth Flower, Ketchum

21-11-19 Snapshots 4 Gil.jpg

“My brother cooks the turkey, my sister the ham and I do the mac and cheese, made with love.”

Angelica Gil, Hailey

21-11-19 Snapshots 5 Gabriella.jpg

“Something untraditional. We are last-minute planners, so maybe a steak or roast beef.”

Gia Gabriella, Ketchum

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