22-01-14 Snapshots 1 McKenzie.jpg

“I had COVID last month, so I should be good for a while with good eating, plenty of rest and a positive attitude.”

Melissa McKenzie, Bellevue

22-01-14 Snapshots 2 Deming.jpg

“Sleep and vitamins. I’ve had the virus twice, so I’m hopeful that I’m good for a while. Everyone needs to be smart about the virus.”

Sophie Deming, Ketchum

22-01-14 Snapshots 3 Dwyer.jpg

“I’m going to continue my daily focus on wellness, with yoga every other day and bike rides on my off days. I also have a gratitude practice for all of the beauty around me.”

Marie Dwyer, St. Paul, Minnesota

22-01-14 Snapshots 4 Salinas.jpg

“I just got over the virus, so I feel pretty safe right now with my antibodies. Life goes on.”

Natasha Salinas, Clovis, California

22-01-14 Snapshots 5 Hansford.jpg

“Wear a mask indoors. I’m staying in my bubble with my people and family that I feel safe with.”

Amber Hansford, Truckee, California

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