Bob Podolsky

“Trout from Bart at Atkinsons'. Best local fish. Cook on a hot, clean and oiled grill, five minutes skin side down with olive oil, salt and pepper. Then, remove and enjoy.”

Bob Podolsky, Ketchum

Nancy Flannigan

“My husband is ready for a nice, juicy steak and I’m ready for a balsamic-marinated portabello mushroom. It’s sweet and savory at the same time.”

Nancy Flannigan, Hailey

Bev McNeal

“I’m actually looking forward to seeing my grill—it is so buried in snow!”

Bev McNeal, Ketchum

Ron Theobald

“Smoked pork tenderloin. Dry rubbed and slow cooked is all I’m going to tell you.”

Ron Theobald, Hailey

Courtney Modaff

“I’m ready for pork spareribs and also grilled scallops marinated in yogurt, mint and lemon juice with salt and pepper. The yogurt forms a nice crust.”

Courtney Modaff, Ketchum

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