21-12-17 Snapshots 1 Lakey.jpg

“Playing with little kids and dogs, and making snowballs and snowmen. When I can, I also enjoy snowboarding.”

Tory Lakey, Ketchum

21-12-17 Snapshots 2 Rowe.jpg

“Enjoying nature—and actually having a white Christmas with a real Christmas tree.”

Tammy Rowe, Panama

21-12-17 Snapshots 3 Closser.jpg

“Hooky-bobbing and skiing Rock Garden or Boneyard.”

Quinn Closser, Hailey

21-12-17 Snapshots 4 Asselin.jpg

“Snow angels, obviously! And work is more fun when it’s snowing.”

Kelly Asselin, Ketchum

21-12-17 Snapshots 5 Buchanan.jpg

“Non-stop runs on Baldy. Don’t walk around town with your hands in your pockets.”

Andy Buchanan, Ketchum

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