23-05-05 snapshots 1 Peterson.jpg

"I like May in general, 'cause it’s coming into summer and Sun Valley is chiller and more grounding."

Heidi Peterson and Warfield


23-05-05 snapshots 2 Stoneback.jpg

"May 4—it’s my wife’s birthday.”

Michael Stoneback

Frenchman’s Bend

23-05-05 snapshots 3 Behuniak.jpg

“Memorial Day, 'cause it kicks off the summer and I’m ready to go camping.”

Paula Behuniak


23-05-05 snapshots 4 Johnson.jpg

“Cinco de Mayo. My best friend Paige and I do a good job finishing off all the tequila in the valley, an annual tradition.”

Jenn Johnson


23-05-05 snapshots 5 Matthews.jpg

“Mother’s Day. I have three boys, so it’s a good excuse to meet up with some girl friends and go hiking, go to lunch and treat ourselves.”

Sarah Matthews


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