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“I’d talk about the sheep culture as it is connected to the music lore of the Boise Highlanders with their stirring and poignant bagpipes and artistry of the Basque and Peruvian dancers.”

Lynn Flickinger


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“How the sheep keep me on the edge of my seat every time that I watch them.”

Shaw Dean


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“The parade organizers took a negative and turned it into a positive. Sheep were somewhat scorned and now are celebrated in an historical nationally known festival.”

Linnea Collins

Sun Valley

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“I remember the sheep. To me, they are the big stars of the parade.”

Isabel Trujillo


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“I’d ask a series of questions regarding the history of sheep ranching in the valley, like where do they winter, how long do they live, what’s their favorite grazing food and why are some sheep black?”

Vanessa Neumann pictured with daughter Annika

East Fork

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