21-12-10 Snapshots 1 Pullen.jpg

“En español.”

Trini Pullen, Ketchum

21-12-10 Snapshots 2 Thomas.jpg

“I send vibes.”

Jenzi Thomas, Sun Valley

21-12-10 Snapshots 3 Sarchett.jpg

“I’m superstitious. They’re like the Baseball Gods. I use reverse psychology and appease them by washing and waxing the car.”

Robin Sarchett, Ketchum

21-12-10 Snapshots 4 Rosso.jpg

“Take off all of your clothes and jump into the river.”

Bob Rosso, Elkhorn

21-12-10 Snapshots 5 Stackpole.jpg

“We sit around our fire pit, invite a bunch of friends over and have a big blaze where we summon the Norse God of Winter, Ullr.”

Laura Stackpole, Ketchum

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