23-04-28 snapshots 1 Hoffman.jpg

“I love the forest and treasure my relationship with it. Arbor Day to me means the woods and taking care of it, preserving it and appreciating it.”

Jimmy Hoffman


23-04-28 snapshots 2 Nestor.jpg

“I plan on being outside on a beautiful spring day, riding my bike with friends down to Picabo.”

Karen Nestor

Sun Valley

23-04-28 snapshots 3 Donahue.jpg

"In Mackay, Arbor Day is celebrated with a tree planting event incorporating school children and celebrating veterans. So, veterans are what I think about on Arbor Day.”

Kevin B. Donahue


23-04-28 snapshots 4 Uri.jpg

“I plan to be outside walking my dog, appreciating trees and nature.”

Sonja Uri


23-04-28 snapshots 5 Kindred.jpg

“I’m going to celebrate Arbor Day by helping my dad clean the yard. It’s special to me 'cause I love trees.”

Ryan Kindred


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