23-01-20 Snapshots 1 Singer.jpg

“Traveling to Nordic ski races, primarily in the Intermountain area.”

Emma Singer


23-01-20 Snapshots 2 Chung.jpg

“Yes, we are here. We are checking on our new house—it should be done in March.”

Myra Chung

Sun Valley

23-01-20 Snapshots 3 Modaff.jpg

“Yes, going tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys later this winter.”

Courtney Modaff


23-01-20 Snapshots 4 Gandin.jpg

“Going to rent a house in the Catskills for a family reunion.”

Merritt Gandin


23-01-20 Snapshots 5 Harlamert.jpg

“Going to Montana to ski the Crazies and then to Oregon and ski the Willowas and then finish the trip in Alaska, skiing out in the Juneau ice field.”

Dane Harlamert


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