Witches, cowboys, outer space creatures, be on the lookout for our spooky counterparts during this weekend’s festivities! Halloween brings pumpkin picking and carving, and parades of mysterious characters wandering the streets. This photo comes from the Wood River Journal Photograph Collection and captures one of these mysterious witches at their finest circa the 1990s. Other uncanny characters that appear in the Wood River Journal Photo Collection include potatoes, Miss Piggy, dinosaurs, zombies, and nuns. These scary characters are known to battle it out in costume contests, which are held throughout the Wood River Valley around Oct. 31 in search of treats and goodies. Our historic newspapers tell tales of haunted parties and Halloween Carnivals sponsored by local organizations, schools, and businesses. Parties were hosted by various local groups such as the Camp Fire girls and UNICEF, and by local families. Photographs like this one of a scary witch were probably taken at events such as the Halloween Hoopla in Hailey or Ketchum’s Nightmare on Main Street. Be on your toes over the weekend, as who knows what creatures might cross your path.

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