A seizure is any sudden and uncontrolled body movement caused by abnormal brain activity. Seizures can range from mild, affecting only a portion of the body, or severe, affecting the entire body.

The pet is most commonly unconscious, unresponsive and loses control of their urine and feces. Seizure activity that lasts longer than five minutes can cause severe side effects, such as high body temperature causing internal organ damage. Seizures can be caused by epilepsy, toxins, low blood sugar, brain tumors, birth defects and trauma.

In general, if animals are less than 1 year old, they typically have seizures due to birth defects, such as hydrocephalus or a liver defect called a shunt. Animals that have their first seizure between the ages of 1 and 5 typically have epilepsy, while those over the age of 5 often have another medical condition, such as brain tumor, stroke or low blood sugar.

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