With a record 135 women participating, the instructional women’s ski program Divas finished its 11th year Wednesday with a celebratory luncheon at Apple’s. Some in attendance and appropriately dressed for the last day, from left, were Karin Schock, Sarah Uhlenhopp, Sarah Schwing, Natalie Spencer-Clair, Suzi Zook, Claudia Stern, Danielle Karuth and Nicky Elsbree. Instructor Heather Daves summed up the program’s purpose: “We like to challenge the women in a supportive, safe and fun way, taking them to places and conditions that they usually don’t ski.” When asked how they liked the program, the participants all responded very favorably and raved about how well they were now skiing. The program had a pool of 18 instructors over the eight-week course.

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