Social media, for all its faults, is providing a useful form of community conversation in the Wood River Valley for those suffering from isolation and the break-up of normal routines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several online Facebook posts are offering comfort, deliveries, local business news, bartering options and commiseration at a time when actual physical contact can spread transmission of the virus.

Three sites where such camaraderie can be found are 5B Community Support, Blaine County COVID-19 Support Group and Things for Free or Sale in Hailey.

As with all social media, readers should bear in mind that posts can spread misinformation; actual curated news and other official websites should be relied upon for verified information.

But much of what is shared on these locally-hosted sites can be useful in a variety of ways beyond the news cycle. On Tuesday someone wanted to swap an abundance of dog food for toilet paper.

“I have a whole unopened bag and a container full of it. My old pup is on a special digestive diet now and he can’t eat it anymore,” they wrote.

Other posters provided up-dated info on whether stores carried hand sanitizers and other essential items, online local yoga offerings, advice for parents just entering the domain of home schooling and how to transform a dining room table into a ping-pong table.

A local person in Bellevue was offering a free 50-pound bag of pinto beans, another had size 5 diapers for free. Another was offering free deliveries to the elderly or health compromised individuals.

A Facebook poster on Tuesday offered a less tangible, but emotionally essential ingredient to get through the day.

“For those of you with access to Spotify, here is a link to a playlist I find calming and soothing to the nerves, particularly in the morning. Positive morning chill,” he wrote.

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