Wood River Trails Coalition

The Wood River Trails Coalition is calling on supporters to raise $20,000 by midnight on Friday, Dec. 31, to sustain the Wood River Valley's local trail network.

Donations will go toward "increasing trail education, feeding our volunteers, buying additional tools, continuing to fund the Ketchum Ranger District professional trail crew [and] purchasing additional trail counters so we can continue to gather valuable trail data," the coalition stated.

As of Thursday afternoon, the coalition had raised $16,085 through its "Invest In Your Trails" fundraising campaign.

The organization completed over 36,000 feet of tread work and 25 miles of professional trail maintenance this past year, according to its website. Each mile of trail maintenance costs about $200.

"With your help, we can ensure that our trails will always be there when we need a place of refuge and recharge," the coalition stated.

The "Invest in Your Trails" campaign site can be found at bit.ly/wrtc-gt2021.

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