21-02-26 Snapshots 1 Lichtenberg

“I miss my quilt guild. It’s been over a year since our group last met.”

Nicole Lichtenberg, Hailey

21-02-26 Snapshots 2 Ferris

“A concert, especially Morgan Wallen, who is a great country singer.”

Hannah Ferris, Sun Valley

21-02-26 Snapshots 3 Blackburn

“Traveling, either somewhere warm or a different ski area.”

Jessica Blackburn, Warm Springs

21-02-26 Snapshots 4 Minor

“I want to go to Canada and go skiing where there is better snow than here.”

Tatum Minor, Ketchum

21-02-26 Snapshots 5 Moore

“Indoor dinners with friends or even going out. I haven’t been to the Pio in a year.”

Rick Moore, Ketchum

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