21-04-02 Snapshots 1 Menzies.jpg

“I’m looking forward to taking my five-year-old twin girls to the Easter egg hunt at Galena Lodge.”

John Menzies, Ketchum

21-04-02 Snapshots 2 Graham.jpg

“I’m flying back to California to spend Easter with our 95-year-young mother. A Lava Lake leg of lamb is on tap.”

Claudia Graham, Ketchum

21-04-02 Snapshots 3 Uptmor.jpg

“I’m making home-made chocolate éclairs, smoked lamb shanks with a lemon-herbed risotto.”

Heather Uptmor, Board Ranch

21-04-02 Snapshots 4 Jannotta.jpg

“My boys are coming home. We’re going to ski and grill good steaks for dinner.”

Elinor Jannotta, Ketchum

21-04-02 Snapshots 5 Herrick.jpg

“We will do a neighborhood Easter egg hunt, then an Easter dinner with my parents.”

Elizabeth Herrick, Ketchum

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