21-10-29 Snapshots 1 Allen.jpg

“Treat, ‘cause any chance to wear a costume is fun.”

Shannon Allen, Mid Valley

21-10-29 Snapshots 2 McGregor.jpg

“Treat, ‘cause candy, kids, costumes and Nightmare on Main Street are what Ketchum is all about.”

Julie McGregor, Ketchum

21-10-29 Snapshots 3 Marcroft.jpg

“Treat. It’s all about kids dressing up, getting candy and having fun. Then we parents secretly throwing excess candy away.”

Toni Marcroft, Hailey

21-10-29 Snapshots 4 Sisiam.jpg

“Trick and treat. I love the whole idea of Halloween, and I think that if kids go to the effort of dressing up, they should visit a nursing home.”

Sandy Sisiam, Clayton

21-10-29 Snapshots 5 Williamson.jpg

“Treat. It’s a scary world right now, so let’s keep Halloween going and not take that away from the kids. I plan on celebrating a little myself.”

Priscilla Williamson, Richfield

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