Fall is in the air as leaves are changing colors, and the nights are getting colder, which means it’s time for the final camping trips of the year. Be it a hunting camp for deer or birds, or pleasure camping before the snow arrives in the mountains, pack your camper or tent and follow in the path of these campers up at Stanley Lake sometime in the 1940s. Using horses to transport themselves and their camping gear, they set up camp right on the edge of the lake where they could enjoy the picturesque views and pleasures of the outdoors. Pictures like this were used by Union Pacific to draw nature lovers and adventurers to the Sun Valley Resort for summer and fall recreation. Guided trips could consist of going out to a lake to enjoy the views and find a hidden fishing hole, heading into the forests or hills in search of big game, or just enjoying the experience of camping or horseback riding by those who had never had the opportunity to do so. These excursions were often led by guides who were employed by Sun Valley, including Taylor Williams, Clayton Stewart, Joe Burgy and many others. These guides knew the land and the areas surrounding Sun Valley and were able to show visitors a grand time during their trips.

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