In October, the Spur Community Foundation gathered together numerous organizations in the Wood River Valley dedicated to education and student support. Now, a compilation of their offerings has been posted on the Hailey Public Library website.

“While many amazing nonprofits were stepping up to help students in the valley during the pandemic, they may not have a clear understanding of what other organizations are doing in the space,” said Spur Foundation Communications and Operations Associate Tara Burchmore. “We realized it would be helpful to have a tangible resource that nonprofits, parents and educators could use to locate support.”

The Blaine County COVID Educational Resources website provides contact information for tutoring, funding and study spots, as well as academic and other organizations dedicating to helping the valley’s students. The website was made possible by the Idaho Commission for Libraries and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

“We hope that this will increase access to and awareness of all of these nonprofits, both during the pandemic and beyond,” Burchmore said. “We concluded that spreading awareness of the services available in the valley is pertinent, including age range, subject matter and cost information, so parents and students are more able to take advantage of these supports.”

Participating organizations include the Community Library, Blaine County School District, Alliance of Idaho, the Blaine County Education Foundation, Blaine County Recreation District, Lee Pesky Learning Center, Wisdom Nest, Sun Valley Museum of Art, YMCA, The Space, Idaho BaseCamp, I Have a Dream Foundation-Idaho and the Hailey Public Library.

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