Greg Foley

Greg Foley

A GoFundMe online fundraising account has been established for Idaho Mountain Express Editor Greg Foley, who is facing escalating medical bills and travel costs related to his diagnosis and ongoing treatment for multiple myeloma, a serious form of blood cancer.

In patients with multiple myeloma, malignant plasma cells from the bone marrow multiply, form tumors and damage the body’s bones and organs.

Cancer was first discovered in Foley’s body in March 2017, when imaging and biopsies revealed that a malignant tumor growing in his spine had broken one of his central vertebrae. The tumor was treated with radiation therapy and was eventually eliminated, but the underlying condition progressed. Now, imaging and chemical testing have shown that Foley has damaging cancer growing on bones in several parts of his body, including his spine, scapula, pelvic region and thighs.

In May, Foley’s oncologists in Boise and Seattle determined that he should receive a lengthy course of treatment that calls for five to six months of chemotherapy, followed by stronger chemotherapy to eliminate his body’s bone marrow and any lingering cancer cells. That procedure is scheduled to be followed by a complex blood stem-cell transplant, to produce new bone marrow.

The gross costs of the treatments are projected to run into the several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Foley—who will continue to work for and maintain his position at the Idaho Mountain Express—has medical insurance through his employment, but faces mounting bills for deductible payments, doctor and prescription co-pays, non-qualifying medical services and tests, travel, and eventually having to temporarily relocate to Boise or Seattle for his stem-cell transplant and recovery.

Foley, 53, has lived in the Wood River Valley since 2002, when he was first hired by the Idaho Mountain Express. He became the newspaper editor in 2006 and has served in that position since then, except for one year working in the newsroom in a part-time internet role. He has a daughter, 15, who attends Wood River High School.

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