Adolfo Andazola

Adolfo Andazola graduated from the Carey School in 2015.

Adolfo Andazola applied to 22 medical schools before he finally got accepted. Throughout that time, he never gave up hope.

“I now understand that what I once saw as a failure was life preparing me for the next step,” Andazola said.

When Andazola came to Blaine County at age 11, he spoke very little English. However, he quickly flourished academically and socially. At the Carey School, he became student body president. He graduated in 2015 as salutatorian.

At Idaho State University, he double majored in medical laboratory science and Spanish for health professionals. It was always his dream to serve the Latino community as a primary care doctor. He was named ISU’s Undergraduate Student of the Year in 2018.

During his two gap years, he took the MCAT—the standardized test required of most medical school applications—several times. Although success did not arrive immediately, he persevered.

“All I can say to other students pursuing their dream in the medical field is to accept your failures, take them with humility and learn from them,” Andazola said. “But most importantly, never quit on your goals, regardless of how long it takes. The only way to lose a fight is to quit.”

Andazola starts at the University of Washington School of Medicine this fall.

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