Thanks to a team of biologists from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, this cow moose and her young calf—born in a suburban Hailey backyard—were relocated to a streamside meadow near Silver Creek Preserve on Saturday, July 3.

Nine biologists worked to dart and anesthetize the cow, capture the young calf, load the pair into a horse trailer and, finally, set them free in their new home. Fish and Game initiated the move after receiving “numerous” calls about the mother and her calf wandering through Hailey’s north Woodside neighborhoods, along with an unfortunate report of the cow charging and killing a family dog.

“Cow moose are extremely protective of their young and can seriously injure or kill anything they view as a threat,” Fish and Game said in a Friday news release.

Fortunately, neither animal had to sit through the city’s Fourth of July fireworks show put on at nearby Wood River High School.

They’ll no longer need to worry about finding water, either. In their Woodside home, “numerous fences, the highway and the fenced airport had separated the moose from safely getting to the Big Wood River,” the department said.

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