Artist collaboration to support Lee Pesky Learning Center and Alliance of Idaho

Artist Anna Fidler created original lettering into an “energy portrait” of author Sarah Sentilles’ prose.

The Alliance of Idaho and Lee Pesky Learning Center’s Let There Be Project is a multi-disciplinary collaboration conceived to benefit both nonprofit organizations.

The Alliance of Idaho protects the human rights of immigrants, and Lee Pesky Learning Center works with students, families, schools and communities to understand and overcome obstacles to learning. The project was conceived by Alan and Wendy Pesky based on their admiration for the final passage of Sarah Sentilles’ book “Draw Your Weapons,” a book that draws on memoir, history, art and theology.

Sentilles is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Divinity School. “Draw Your Weapons” drew high praise from O: The Oprah Magazine: “A collage of death, savagery, torture, and trauma across generations and continents, Sarah Sentilles’s ‘Draw Your Weapons’ is painful to read, hard to put down, and impossible to forget.”

“The idea of the Let There Be project was to capture the transformative power of words and images, and to remind people the world is made and can be unmade and remade,” said Sentilles, whose prose was incorporated into limited-edition silkscreen paintings that will provide a fundraising opportunity for both organizations. “If we can imagine a more just and life-giving world, we can work together to bring it into being.”

“Draw Your Weapons” was mined for language that took shape on the canvas within original lettering created by artist Anna Fidler, who said her goal was to create an “energy portrait” of Sentilles’ prose, which reads in part:

“Let there be truth telling. Let there be accountability. Let there be repair. … Let there be no wailing. Let there be music. Let there be people rushing out of houses to dance together in the streets. Let there be no war. Let there be no battles on the whole globe. Let there be weapons laid down and never lifted.”

The handcrafted lettering was transformed into a digital design by artist Heather Watkins and screen printed by artist Mika Aono Boyd in a limited series of 100 works signed by all four artists.

“I loved the collaborative nature of this project,” Watkins said. “In a sense, we worked like a relay team—beginning with Sarah’s powerful writing, which Anna transformed into bold and dynamic hand-painted words. The final poster that I composed and that Mika printed so beautifully is embedded with our collective hope and investment in a better world.”

The first 100 people to donate $1,000 will receive one of the limited series of 100 posters and a copy of “Draw Your Weapons.” The tax-deductible donations will benefit The Alliance and Lee Pesky Learning Center. Each poster measures 30 by 22 inches and will be signed by Boyd, Fidler, Sentilles, and Watkins.

A smaller printed version of the poster will be sent to those who donate $50.

For more information or to donate, visit Donors may also contact Sarah Sentilles directly via email at

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