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Bipartisan fun chocked the hallowed and often hilarious chambers of the 22nd annual Janss Pro-Am Classic last weekend, when 24 teams and 144 spring skiers on Baldy voted unanimously for the costume theme of “The Foolish Games We Play.” With the ballots all counted, the people’s choice was the “Politics—The Do Nothings” team, certain to make America great again. Secret Service agents Dan Herby (left) and Stefan Sohlstrom (right) guarded the famous figures Annika Sohlstrom (second from left, as Ivanka Trump), Michael Halstead (middle, as The Donald Trump), Hans Sohlstrom (as bespectacled Bernie Sanders) and Lauren Halstead (down in front, as thumbs-up Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). Needless to say, the Janss Oscar Award for the Most In-Character participant went to Michael Halstead for his portrayal of the Leader of the Free World.

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