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Tomorrow, Saturday, marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, which killed 2,977 victims, injured thousands more, and scarred millions across the United States. In the spirit of looking back, here are the front pages the Idaho Mountain Express ran immediately after the catastrophe. The first, from Sept. 12, features an image familiar to any American who saw it live or studied it since. The second, from the following issue, is a local snapshot, taken by Express photographer Willy Cook at vigil on the evening of Sept. 11—one of many that sprung up following the attacks. Among the grim memories, the solidarity it displays demonstrates one positive Gov. Brad Little took from the tragedy in our Guest Opinion this week, published here on Page 6. “We will never forget 9/11,” Little wrote, “and we must never relent in helping future generations understand the lesson of patriotism that grew out of 9/11—that all of us, despite our individual and varied political opinions, can live out a love for our country during a tragedy, and every day.”

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