Living in the Wood River Valley might not be possible—or, at least, not as much fun—without the area’s many thrift stores. With the cost of living increasing every year, the demand for inexpensive wares, furniture, sporting goods, clothes, art and the millions of other items residents need is also increasing.

Luckily for us, one can typically find all these necessities and more at one of the Wood River Valley’s numerous thrift stores. What’s more, it would be difficult to find a resident of the area who has not benefited from the stores’ various nonprofit benefactors, such as The Community Library, Mountain Humane or The Advocates.

Over decades, The Gold Mine in Ketchum has been a staple of the Wood River Valley. Always filled to the brim with fascinating treasures, the store has been a testament to the area’s generosity since 1955—which, in turn, has been a boon for Ketchum’s Community Library, located a block away. In 2020-21, the thrift store generated more than $760,000 in support of the library and its programs.

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