International business took Andrew Tian and Donna Delahorne around the globe—they met in Tokyo—but in Ketchum they settled and bought The UPS Store. They pride themselves in helping three longtime employees share that dream.

    “The No. 1 thing is our employees,” Tian said. “We are one of the rare businesses in the valley that have the same employees since day one. That is a pretty big achievement after 13 years.”

    “They’ve been able to buy houses in the valley and raise their kids,” Delahorne added. “It’s the way it should be.”

    Tian and Delahorne moved here in 1999 in “semi-retirement” from careers in finance and commodity trading at Cargill. They soon realized that, “Gee, we need to pay the bills,” especially for their kids’ education, Delahorne said. “So, Andrew started to talk to people about business opportunities.”

    They bought The UPS Store when it was for sale in 2006. They have expanded their UPS Store franchise portfolio.

    The store offers shipping services that UPS is known for, but also a good selection of cards, and have been told they have the best greeting card selection in town. While UPS shipping and packing are their forte, most people are unaware The UPS Store offers printing, too.

    “We are amazing packing people. This store packs one-third of everything that comes to us, whereas a normal UPS store will pack one-fifth,” Tian said. “A customer came in and asked us to ship a birthday cake. We remarked that it is very difficult to ship a birthday cake to arrive intact. She looked at us, ‘You’re the experts, make sure it gets there.’ And it got there. We can pack anything.”

    How do they support their employees in providing such excellent service?

    “The tangible—you’ve got to pay them well,” Tian said. “But I think intangible is also important—trusting them, delegating responsibility to them, letting them do their job—just letting go. I think it’s very important. People feel like they’re empowered.”

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