For Rodolfo Serva, KB’s Restaurant has always been a family affair.

    With the help of his four brothers, Serva built KB’s into an empire that extends well beyond its original shop in the Wood River Valley. The secret? No secret at all—just a focus on fresh, made-to-order food and an open ear for how to make things better.

    Now, KB’s has locations in Hailey, Ketchum, Idaho Falls, McCall, Twin Falls and Pocatello. And, with the help of brothers Javier, Santos, Oswaldo and Angel, Rodolfo aims to keep adding more stores.  

    “We never stop learning,” he said. “Every day, I learn more.”

    That’s how he picked up the restaurant business after moving from Peru to work as a shepherd in the pastures of Idaho. He went from there to the construction industry and to the cleaning business before falling in at the KB’s location in Hailey.

    At KB’s, he “put his hands together,” and learned the business from the ground up. Serva still cooks, cleans, runs the cash register—anything he asks his employees to do.

“I treat them like part of my family,” he said. “Everything we work on, we work on together.”

New ideas included. KB’s latest addition, the self-serve salsa bar at the Hailey location, bubbled up through the ranks, workshopped by staff alongside the Serva brothers every step of the way.

Regulars have their say, too, and their ideas can end up on the menu. The ever-popular Jordan’s Burrito, with its mixture of pork, sweet potatoes and Cabo sauce, was a special order until Serva began offering it every day—and people literally ate it up.

    “It’s all about you guys,” Serva said of his customers. “I’m super proud of our customers. We’re growing because of them.”

    Customers—and the valley that helped nurture a small business into a statewide institution.

    “I want to thank the Wood River Valley, from the bottom of my heart,” he said. “I feel so blessed—we are so lucky to have the support of this community. I will keep doing the best I can for this community. Everything I do, it’s for you.”

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