Margaux Lunceford was looking for a change of scenery 20 years ago, so she left Aspen for the Wood River Valley. An art gallery owner in Aspen, she brought her creativity into a new field when she moved to Ketchum and founded Fox Creek Realty. After getting her license, one of her first jobs was interfacing with potential buyers at the new Central Park Townhomes in Ketchum. These prospective buyers found a friend in Margaux: About 75 percent of her current clientele was developed through those chance meetings.

    “From there, they developed into repeat clients,” she said. “They’ve sold their Central Park townhome and bought bigger homes, turning into two- to three-time buyers and giving referrals.”

    In her two-decade tenure in real estate, the digitization of real estate has been the biggest change. It was a welcomed one for Margaux: Her clients no longer have to wait for mailed photos of homes, or for extra-large photos to load via email like they did in the early days of Dropbox files. In the past, buyers would often travel to the valley to see the house in person. With virtual home tours now, buyers are comfortable purchasing the house sight unseen.

    Fox Creek stands out from the competition as both a brokerage and real estate firm. This affords Margaux’s clients a level of discretion and confidentiality that’s harder for larger firms to replicate. She provides a refuge from prying eyes and publicity during the buying process. Margaux’s clients stay with her through the entire purchasing or selling process and can trust her with anything—her husband, Jonathan Lunceford, of Lunceford Excavation, once cleared the snow in front of a plane hangar’s door so clients could store their plane.  

    Working with Margaux is like staying in a boutique hotel, versus a large corporate chain.

    “My company isn’t about seeing and being seen,” she said. “It’s about privacy.”

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